ValueLine Industrial PC

Configurable industrial platform for visualization and control

ValueLine Industrial PC is a new line of industrial computers designed for a wide variety of automation, process visualization and control applications. Various screen sizes, CPU, RAM and mass storage choices allow the customer to choose the right hardware to meet the specific application requirements.

ValueLine Industrial PC’s design is:

● Modular – Custom-design multiple configurations on the same basic hardware platform.
● Robust – Fanless design and solid state hard drive.
● Maintenance-friendly – Convenient service door.
● The fanless cooling design reduces the maintenance cycles to a minimum. The use at ambient temperatures of up to 55oC allows the use of particularly harsh industrial environments.

Product Range

valueLine Industrial PC is a configurable product without fixed part numbers. A configured system is identified by an order key, which is composed of the base part number followed by a series of identifiers describing the features of the configured system.

Standard hardware features for all VL IPC systems include:

24 V DC power supply; Fanless operation; Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) interface; VGA output; DVI-D video output; 4 USB ports; 2 Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 kbps); 1 COM port (RS-2332, 9-pin D-SUB connector); 2 CopectFlash® slots; Diagnostic LED for over-temperature condition.

Configuration options include:

Display size or no display; CPU type; RAM memory; size and type of mass storage; Mounting options; PCI expantion slots; Optical storage device; NVRAM (non-volatile RAM – only availabe in some configurations.)

Advantages at a glance

● HMI visualization – Configure a ValueLine system with a touchscreen display when any of visualization is required. Ideal for HMI and SCADA applications.
● Operator interaction – Configure a ValueLine system with a touchscreen display when an application requires interaction with a machine operator.
● Blind node – Configure a ValueLine system without a touchscreen display when a touchscreen is not needed. Ideal for control or data collections applications. Mount bookshelf-style inside a cabinet.
● Fielbus I/O connectivity – Configure a ValueLine system with the PCI expansion module when application requires an interface to a fieldbus I/O network.
● With this modular building, go create your cabinet PC for your own ideas.