Varioface Prefabricated Cable

Cables for easy and fast Panel Wiring

Cables are inevitable part of any industry. Even through people are going for wireless solution, we can not think of the industries without cables. There are lots of wirings required to make a system working which is very crucial and time consuming. That is why, expertise are working hard to make wirings simple for easy assembling and maintenance. Phoenix contact is the pioneer to introduce the concept of pluggable solution that can be achieved with the help of prefabricated cables. It not only saves 90% of wiring time but also reduces human error apart from proving great aesthetic look to the panels.

Prefabricated cables are multi core cables available with wide range of high density connector to achieve pluggability. The high density connectors can be connected 1:1 connection or any application / customer specific solution.

Product Range

The comprehensive range of Prefabricated Cables cover all common applications, yet customized cables are also possible with Phoenix Contact.

Prefabricated Cables range comprises of cables prepared with:

● Possible connections are 1:1 connection, with or without LED.
● Different connectors at two ends.
● Connector at one end and other end open with lugs & cord markers.
● Connection between two connectors on two ends could be 1:1 or customer/function specific.
● Cable with following connectors are available:
● Flat Ribbon Cable (FRC) Connectors
● D-SUB miniature Connectors
● High Density D-SUB miniature Connectors
● ELCO/EDAC Connectors
● Fujitsu (FCN) Connectors
● RJ45 Connector
● Combicon Connectors
● Other Connectors (on request)
● Both Shielded and Non-Shielded versions possible.
● Various lengths also possible.

Advantages at a glance

The Prefabricated cable helps in:

● Fast wiring for Control Panels, saving assembly time and money.
● It reduces the wiring man hour by 90%
● Uniform, clear, simple and hassle free wiring saves space in the panel.
● Manual work reduction and thereby reducing human error
● Simple plug and play with reliable cables
● Customized designs are also possible
● Simple and quick assembly.
● Fast system start up and debugging.
● Easy maintenance and replacement of major components due to pluggability and clear labeling.