Varioface System Cabling

Easy and Fast Wiring Technology

Rapidly growing industries and high technology of the machines demands user friendly wiring for ease of the automation systems. Varioface System Cabling offers the best solution over the complex conventional system of wiring of Programmable Logic Controller. This simple system comprises of three components:

Varioface Front Adapter

An integrated pins strip. It is pluggable and designed for specific PLC I/Os. It replaces screw or crimp connection.

Varioface Controller Board

Sensors and actuators from field are connected to the Varioface Controller Boards through screw or spring cage connection terminal boxes on boards.

Varioface Systems Cables

Pre-fabricated round cables to connect the Front Adapter and Controller Board in various lengths.

Product Range

Varioface System Cabling has solution for various PLC systems, for example Siemens, Allen Bradley etc.

Varioface Front Adapter

Its design is specific to input/output cards of PLCs. Current range includes Front adapters for Siemens (S7-300, S7-400), Allen Bradley (Control Logix, PLC 5, SLC 500), Mitsubishi Electric (MELSEC A, AIS), Yokogawa (Centum CS 3000) etc.

Varioface Controller Board

● Possible connections are 1:1 connection, with or without LED.
● Available for various voltage ranges, as a feed through module, or with relays or optocouplers etc.

Varioface Systems Cables

Pre-fab cables are available with D-Sub/FRC/ELCO Connector at one or both ends in various lengths.

Advantages at a glance

Varioface System Cabling provides:

● Fast wiring for process controller saving assembly time and money.
● It reduces the man-hour by 90%.
● Easy maintenance through modular system.
● Uniform, clear and hassle free wiring saves space in the panel.
● Simple planning using the project planning cross list.
● Manual work reduction and thereby reducing human error.
● Simple plug and play and reliable system.
● Possibility of value addition like redundancy, fuse protection etc.
● Customized designs are also possible.