Varioface Wiring Interface

The Universal Field Terminal Assemblies

Varioface Wiring Interface offers universal solution for the peripherals and input / output of the automation device for all areas of measurement, control and regulation systems, process engineering and control instrumentation systems. It provides, or interfaces tailored to specific individual requirements for all fields of automation technology.

A wide range of interface modules are available with 1:1 connection from high density connection to different connection method. Multi channel relay modules helps in achieving functions like electrical isolation, signal multiplication, voltage matching and signal amplification. Value addition like fuse with fuse blown indication, redundancies etc. are also possible on the board.

Product Range

Varioface Wiring Interface covers a wide range of solutions for various applications.

Varioface Relay Module

● Available with relay coil voltage 24 VDC/ 110VAC/ 240 VAC in 1/2/4/8/16 channels with 1/2/4 change over.

Varioface FLKM Module

● Offers high density 1:1 connection with D Sub: 9-50 Pos / FRC: 14-60 Pos/ ELCO/ RJ45 connector etc.

Varioface Accessory Module

● Power Distribution and Utility Module for electric control panels.

Varioface CNC Module

● Suitable for CMC machine from siemens and Fanuc make.

Advantages at a glance

● Simple and quick assembly on all common Din rails.
● Fast system start up and debugging.
● Compact module saves space.
● Easy maintenance and replacement or major components due to pluggability and clear labeling.
● Minimized of faults through protecting components like diodes, fuses etc.
● Simple and clear wiring.