Protects Vulnerable Welding Hoses from Catastrophic Failure

● Easy to Install
● Resists Damage from UV, Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
● Increases Horsepower and Improves Fuel Mileage
● Extreme cut & Abrasion Resistant
● Weld Splatter, Hot Slag and Welding Spark Protection

Techflex WeldWrap (WW) is braided from fiberglass yarns with high temperature coating and velcro closure. Commonly used for protecting welding hoses against flame and abrasion, when dragging weld slag across the floor. This product will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 400°F/204.4°C, and intermittent introduction to temperatures of 1000°F/538°C. 

The heavy duty hook and loop closure ensures a tight seal and allows WeldWrap to be installed easily over existing assemblies. WeldWrap also provides a high level of abrasion and penetration protection to increase the useful life of any hoses exposed to rough or abrasive surfaces.